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Dual-tower desiccant dryers for the continuous dynamic adsorption of water vapor from compressed air. Using pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA)*, air gets dried under pressure by passing through one desiccant bed while the other bed is being regenerated. Regeneration of the wet desiccant is accomplished without the use of heat. A small portion of the dried process air, called purge, is passed through the wet desiccant bed at near atmospheric pressure. This super-dry air strips the desiccant of all previously adsorbed water vapor.


Pipe Size                                 3" flg Inlet Flow at 7 Barg and 38 ̊C  SCFM       1630 (100 PSIG and 100 ̊F)           m3/hr*     2800 Height                         mm         2813                                in         111 Width                          mm         1676                                in         66 Depth                          mm         1473                                in         58 Weight                         kg         1597                                lbs        3600

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Fully assembled, packaged unit comes complete with desiccant. ✓ Ready for operation Regeneration purge flow is counter- current to the direction of air flow during drying. ✓ Maximum removal of moisture and lowest dew point assured during the adsorption process Prevents line surges and minimizes desiccant attrition. ✓ Controlled repressurization Compressed air continues to flow through during power and/or pilot air failure. ✓ Fail-safe design A moisture indicator is provided. ✓ Continuous visual color indication or display All functions are performed automatically by a PLC. ✓ PSA* fixed 10-minute cycle High-performance activated alumina desiccant. ✓ High surface/volume ratio provides maximum adsorption Universal 110/240V power supply. ✓ Low power requirement Coalescing pre-filter and particulate after-filter with DPIs and drains, mounted and pre-piped on most models, supplied loose on others. ✓ Xebec’s filters are best-in-class, ISO/CRN certified Options ✓ Class 3000# fittings ✓ Stainless steel tubing and fittings ✓ Low dew point option (-100 ̊F/-70 ̊C LDP) ✓ AutoDew energy saver ✓ Rockwell (Allen Bradley) PLC ✓ 200 PSIG design pressure ✓ 3-valve bypass ✓ 9-valve bypass

XEBEC HLA 170 Heatless Air Dryer

XEBEC HLA 170 Heatless Air Dryer
Desiccant Air Dryers