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At normal operating temperature in the online tower, water vapor adheres to the desiccant so that only dry air leaves the outlet. An electric heater then raises the desiccant temperature in the offline tower, which releases the adsorbed water vapor. The desiccant must be cooled before switching back online. Dried air is used for both heating and cooling. The process is called “Temperature Swing Adsorption” (TSA) because drying and regeneration rely upon swinging between two temperature-based adsorption equilibrium conditions, characterized by long cycles measured in hours.


Pipe Size                                 4" Flg Inlet Flow at 7 Barg and 38 ̊C  SCFM       1800 (100 PSIG and 100 ̊F)           m3/hr*     3100 Height                         mm         3226                                in         127 Width                          mm         1803                                in         71 Depth                          mm         1295                                in         51 Weight                         kg         3150                                lbs        7100

Equipped With

Fully assembled, packaged unit comes complete with desiccant. ✓ Ready for operation Regeneration purge flow is counter- current to the direction of air flow during drying. ✓ Maximum removal of moisture and lowest dew point assured during the adsorption process Prevents line surges and minimizes desiccant attrition. ✓ Controlled repressurization Compressed air continues to flow through during power and/or pilot air failure. ✓ Fail-safe design A moisture indicator is provided. ✓ Continuous visual color indication or display All functions are performed automatically by a PLC. ✓ TSA operates on a fixed 8-hour cycle Optimized activated alumina desiccant. ✓ Very high surface/volume ratio provides maximum adsorption Coalescing pre-filter and particulate after-filter with DPIs and drains, mounted and pre-piped on some models, supplied loose on others. ✓ Xebec’s filters are best-in-class, ISO/CRN certified Options ✓ Stainless steel tubing and fittings ✓ Low dew point option (-100 ̊F/-70 ̊C PDP) ✓ Rockwell (Allen Bradley) PLC ✓ 9-valve bypass

XEBEC HRA1800 Heat Regenerative Air Dryer

XEBEC HRA1800 Heat Regenerative Air Dryer
Desiccant Air Dryers