Barben lubricants are formulated to withstand the most punishing temperatures and pressures encountered in modern air compressors. 

We take into account the environments you may encounter in the field (such as extreme heat or cold), the discharge temperatures of the systems, and numerous other factors that may affect the lubrication of an air compressor. It’s how we help engineer your success. We offer drop in replacement lubricants for all major compressor manufacturers including PAO, POE, PolyGlycol and Turbine Oil along with our long life Food Grade products.

Benefits of Barben air compressor lubricants:

  • Full top-off compatibility, no flushing required
  • Rated for 100% fluid life at 212°F (100°C)
  • Superior oxidative resistance and carbon/varnish control
  • Readily separate from water to minimize rusting and viscosity dilution
  • Enhanced protection against rust, corrosion and wear


Lubricant & MSDS Documentation

AWF-BI-32 Safety Data  
DBL-4000-BI-100 Safety Data PACO-2000-BI-68 Safety Data PGL-8000-4-BI-46 Safety Data
Z-8000-BI Safety Data PACXTRA-3000-BI Safety Data CP Oils Safety Data Rotair Xtra Roto-Foodgrade-Fluid ROTO_Z_68S Comparison


CP18 Lubricants
Sullivan Lubricants Brochure

PAO-8000-BI-46 - Safety Data Sheet

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