Q. What makes of compressors do you work on?

A. We are the manufacturer’s authorized service centre for Chicago Pneumatic and Sullivan Palatek compressors. We also provide aftermarket parts and service support for Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Gardner Denver, Kaeser, Boge, Quincy, DV Systems, Curtis and many more.

Q. Do I need an air dryer, and if so, what type do I need?

A. Water that condenses out in a compressed air system can lead to all kinds of problems for downstream equipment from rusting to freezing up in sub-zero conditions. For equipment that does not require deep dew points and is used indoors, a refrigerated type dryer is the most economical solution creating a pressure dew point of 4 Deg Celsius or 39 deg. Fahrenheit. For special equipment or use outdoors in the colder months desiccant air dryers are capable of producing dew points below -40 degrees.

Q. What are the benefits of being on a preventative maintenance program with Barben Industries?

A. Preventative maintenance customers benefit from equipment that is professionally maintained at appropriate service intervals resulting in reduced downtime. An added benefit of the PM program is predictable yearly maintenance costs.

Q. Do I need a Variable Speed Drive?

A. A variable speed drive compressor can be an effective way to save money on the power bill, however careful consideration has to be given to the overall application. Too often companies treat a VSD as a catch-all without considering the environment the compressor operates in, the increased upfront capital cost, or the actual demand requirements of the system.

Q. What is a condensate management system?

A. A typical compressed air system produces gallons of oil contaminated condensate in normal operation. A condensate management system separates the oil from the water rendering it safe to dispose of in the municipal drain. Most municipalities set limits for allowable oil content in building effluent and issue fines for violations.