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The skillfully versatile 400 Series range offers you two models with multiple possibilities. Thanks to its intuitive PACE system (Pressure Adjusted thru Cognitive Electronics) the new 400 cfm models give you the most options from a single compressor. This pioneering technology enables multiple pressure and flow settings, ensuring you match air flow and pressure to your application needs.


Compressor Working pressure                             psi(g)              100-150 Free air delivery (1) (FAD)                  cfm                 440-400 Max. sound pressure level@ 23’(7m) at normal working speed & pressure (2)          dB(A)               76 Compression stages                  1 Air receiver capacity              US gal (l)          11 (41.6) Compressor oil capacity              US gal (l)          6.3 (23.8) Approximate air outlet temperature           °F (°C)             200 (93) Air compressor outlets          2 x 3⁄4” & 1 x 1 1⁄2  Max. ambient temperature at sea level (3)    °F (°C)             125 (51) Maximum altitude                             °F (°C)             14,000 (4267) Min. Starting temperature (without cold weather options                              °F (°C)             14 (-10) Min. Starting temperature with cold weather options                              °F (°C)             -4 (-20) Engine Model                          John Deere 4045HFC04 Number of cylinders                  4 Emissions      US EPA Tier         T4F Output at rated speed (2400 rpm)      hp          134 Aspiration  Turbocharged Displacement      cu in (l)           269 (4.5) Engine speed (unloaded)              rpm  1500 Engine speed (maximum loaded)                rpm          2400 Capacity and consumption  Engine oil capacity      US gal (l)  5.4 (20.5) Engine oil required                          Low Ash Oil per API CJ-4 ACEA C9 Engine coolant capacity      US gal (l)  6.25 (23.6) Fuel tank capacity              US gal (l)            52 (197) Fuel consumption at 0% load              gal/hr (l/hr)       1.7 (6.4) Fuel consumption at 100% load      gal/hr (l/hr)       6.5 (24.5) DEF tank capacity      US gal (l)  5.7 (21.7) DEF consumption at 100% load      gal/hr (l/hr)       0.30 (1.1)  Battery capacity (cold cranking amps) (4)    A          1100 

Equipped With

SERVICE LIFE The 400 cfm range extends the compressor oil service interval to 1000 hours or once every two years. Reduced service intervention and longer life of consumables reduces total cost of operation and increases availability. XC2003 CONTROLLER The intuitive XC2003 controller keeps track of your compressor’s utilization and prompts for planned service interventions. Service can be performed from a single side. ENGINE PERFORMANCE The range is powered by a 4-cylindered John Deere Tier Final engine, reducing the emmission of NOx and particulate matter to near zero levels. ROBUST DESIGN The range was tested both in lab and field conditions to ensure optimal performance. It’s designed to withstand the toughest working conditions. The updated HardHat canopy is our toughest, most aesthetically pleasing canopy to date. It’s corrosion free and needs no painting or dent repair. LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION Combining the Atlas Copco screw element with a John Deere diesel engine, we deliver a range that is best in class for fuel economy. EASY TO MOVE Lightweight and compact, both models can be towed. The compressor is mounted on a single axle, enhancing its maneuverability on site.

Portable Air Compressors