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ALL TAMTURBO® TOUCH-FREETM COMPRES- SORS are Variable Speed-controlled, direct driven high-speed turbo compressors that produce completely oil-free compressed air for industrial customers. Impellers are integrated directly on the motor shaft without any couplings. Our Touch-FreeTM compressors are designed around a simple, yet unique principle: parts that don’t touch, don’t wear. And parts that don’t wear, don’t fail. We’ve eliminated all metal-to- metal contact between rotating components. So, there are no moving parts to wear, replace, lubri- cate, waste energy or maintain. Just as impor- tantly, you won’t find one drop of oil anywhere inside our Touch-FreeTM compressors. The core of the Tamturbo® Touch-FreeTM Technology is Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB). Hence, rotating parts levitate and don’t come in contact with anything. Our direct-driven turbo compressors are fully free of machine maintenance to critical com- ponents, free of component failure and free of any oil contamination risk. That’s what makes the Touch-FreeTM difference.


Pressure - 5-9 bar - 70-130 psi Flow - 20.5-37.6 m3/min - 730-1330 cfm