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DFX 1.5
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FLEX Series dryers are designed with 4-in-1 heat exchangers (patent pending) and a phase change material (PCM) encapsulated between the refrigeration and compressed air circuits, serving as a highly effective reservoir for thermal storage. The PCM possesses high latent heat properties which enables it to melt or freeze at a constant temperature. The phase change material will absorb heat from warm, moisture laden compressed air without a significant rise in temperature. The phase change material stays colder for longer periods of time, cycling the refrigerant compressor less often than conventional energy saving designs.


INLET FLOW - SCFM                           150 - NM3/H                          255 PRESSURE DROP (PSI)              3.6 VOLTAGES                         230/1/60 INLET/OULET CONNECTIONS (IN)     NPT 2” OPERATING POWER (KW)             0.85 DIMENSIONS  - Height (IN/MM)                 30/761 - Width (IN/MM)                  17/443 - Depth (IN/MM)                  36/901 APPOX. WEIGHT (LB/KG)            189/85.5

Equipped With

- Stainless steel brazed plate 4-in-1 heat exchanger (patent pending), with phase change material reservoir - No-air-loss, demand drain efficiently removes condensate without loss of compressed air - High efficiency, up-flow aluminum air-cooled condense - Reliable, semi-hermetic refrigerant compressors - Moisture Separator - Controller with LCD display provides ease of monitoring and operating status