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XATS 250 KD8 T4F
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The XATS 250 “crossover” is the compressor you have been looking for. This compact, easy to move compressor gives you the added flexibility of being able to provide more pressure and flow, dependent on your application needs. Thanks to its intuitive PACE system (Pressure Adjusted thru Cognitive Electronics) you receive the most options from a single compressor. This pioneering technology enables multiple pressure and flow settings, ensuring you match air flow and pressure to your application needs.


Normal effective working pressure    psig    100-150 Actual free air delivery      cfm    250-189 Max. sound pressure level @ 7m      dB(A)    76 Max. ambient temp              °F (°C)    113 (45) Min. starting temperature      °F (°C)    14 (-10) Min. starting temp (cold start )     °F (°C)    -4 (-20) Engine                                    Kubota
E4B V2403-CR-T-E4B Emission stage                            Tier 4F Engine power                      hp            65 Full load                      rpm    2700 Unload                              rpm    1800 Engine oil                      US gal (L)    2.5 (9.5) Compressor oil                      US gal (L)    3 (11.3) Fuel tank                      US gal (L)    23 (87) Dimensions Length (inc. fixed tow bar)      inch    148 Width                              inch    63 Height                              inch    62 Weight                              lbs (kg)    2560 (1164)

Equipped With

• Pressure can be set with the XC2003 controller in 3 simple steps. Pressure can be adjusted within increments of 1 psi. You can also track the compressor’s utilization and planned service interventions. • The XATS 250 features the latest, toughest design. The HardHat protects all internal components, keeps the machine looking as good as “new” and increases the residual value. • Lightweight and compact, this model can be easily towed. The XATS 250 is mounted on a single axle, enhancing its maneuverability on site. • The long service intervals and longer life of all consumables reduces your total cost of operation and increases utilization. Features, such as spin on air and oil separators, ensure service interventions are simple and efficient. • 100% guaranteed to contain all fluids. This is not an option – it comes as standard. The 3 layer corrosion protection coating (category C3) extends lifetime and increases residual value. • Combining the Atlas Copco screw element with a Kubota diesel engine, we deliver a compressor that is best in class in terms of fuel economy. • The XATS 250 is powered by a 4-cylinder Kubota engine. Compliant with DOC & DPF. This brings you emission compliance at no additional maintenance cost. Options Available: - Support mounted frame - Cold weather kit - Aftercooler & water separator - Inluet shutdown valve

Portable Air Compressors